Occupational First Aid Refresher Course (2.5 Full Days)

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Occupational First Aid Refresher Course (2.5 Full Days)

Participants are equipped with knowledge and application skills in demonstrating first aid/ CPR skills and be able to apply them to the workplace. The objectives include explaining the duties and responsibilities of the Appointed First Aider in the workplace, list the legal requirements under Workplace Safety and Health (First Aid) Regulations (Cap. 354A, Rg 4) Reg. 5 (2) for the workplace, check and pack contents of first aid box, apply first aid to accident victims in the workplace, manage a medical emergency at the workplace, manage victims of hazardous chemicals exposure and identify common workplace accidents requiring first aid treatment.

Participants are required to have a valid Occupational First Aid Certificate to be able to participate in this refresher course.

Basic Principles and Practice of First Aid

Management of Medical Emergencies

Breathing Difficulties

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

The unconscious patient

Wounds and Bleeding & Shock

Occupational Eye injuries

Fractures and Soft tissue injuries 

Burn injuries

Handling and Transportation of the injured

First Aid Requirements

Safety and Accident Prevention

Industrial Toxicology

Appointed First Aider under WSHA.

Any individuals with interest in first aid or have been assigned a WSH-related role in the company. 

All participant able to speak, read and understand English effectively (equivalent to the ESS Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 5 and above standard) effectively as our courses are conducted in English.

Must be physically fit and able to perform CPR Skills while kneeling on the floor and to render help to another individual during an emergency.

Pregnant or with any medical history such as heart and joint issues should seek advice from their doctors prior to enrolling

Participants are required to submit their passport size photo (.jpeg) in digital format upon receiving the confirmation email.

Occupational First Aid with CPR & AED Cert – Accredited by Ministry of Manpower and Singapore Resuscitation & First Aid Council (SRFAC). Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an e-certificate via email and physical card valid for 2 years

$270+GST. SSG Funding of between 50% – 70% is available for age 21 and above. 

SSG Training Grant

Applicable to Singaporean & Singapore PR aged 21 years and above for self-sponsored and employer-sponsored training. Have never attended the same course before. Successfully complete the course and pass the assessment. In the event this requirement is not met, the full course fee will have to be paid. For employer-sponsored training, the employer must the entity which pays the salary of the trainee and other statutory benefits such as CPF contribution. Application for funding will be made on the participants behalf upon advice provided at the point of course registration. 

Skills Future Credit

Singapore citizens aged 25 and above are eligible to use their SkillsFuture credit to pay for the course fee. The trainee has to submit the claim (course fee plus GST) to SSG before the course commences. SSG does not accept claims submitted after the course commences. Those who do not meet the eligibility criteria for claim will need to pay for the full course fee before the start date of the course. 

For both Training Grant and Skills Future Credit application, funding is subject to approval by SSG. 

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