Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services

Emergency Ambulance

Do you require urgent Medical Assistance and Conveyance to the Hospital of your choice? If so - Our EFAR Ambulances are equipped with Paramedics and Life-Saving equipment to cater to your needs, if you or your family members happen to have a Medical Emergency.

Medical Transport

Do you or your family members require Medical Transport for Medical Appointments or Medical Discharges? Here at EFAR, we operate a fleet of Medical Transport Ambulances dedicated to giving you or your family members a comfortable ride to your desired destination.

Consultancy Services

Planning to own an ambulance at your workplace? We have the solution! Tell us your needs and we are able to customize the ambulance to your requirements. From designing to equipping the ambulance, to training your crews.
Some of our satisfied customers include a major oil company and shipyard.

Get In Touch With Us

Questions? Email us at and we will reply you as soon as we can.