Emergencies First Aid & Rescue Pte. Ltd. (EFAR) works with all hospitals and various old folk’s homes to provide both Emergency Ambulance Services (EAS) and Medical Transport Service (MTS).  Our medical personnel are certified according to the latest HCSA guidelines. Services include transporting patients for admissions, discharge and medical appointments. EFAR is also in non-emergency cases under hotline 1777. EFAR is also the ONLY company assigned to handle all transport cases for a major hospital for the past three years.




EFAR provides certified and professionally trained medical technicians and paramedics for various events coverage. EFAR has been the top choice for many events including cycling, rugby, gaming, hiking etc etc. Over the years, EFAR has built up a close rapport with our clients due to repeated business dealings and many of our clients have highly recommended our services to their friends and families helping us to grow into one of the most called-on medical provider for events.




Due to EFAR’s recent expansion plans, we have been taking on industrial related projects where we provide a medical team to be on standby twenty four hours a day. In non-emergency situations, our medical team administers first-aid while in more dire circumstances, the patients are transported to the nearest hospital. 




EFAR started out as a training centre and till this day, it has remained a core focus of the company. Our current courses include BLCS+AED, Standard First Aid, Occupational First Aid, Child First Aid and BCLS+AED instructor. Many of our past students choose to renew their certificates with us, proving high quality training sessions are delivered by our trainers. Our trainers are always up to date with the latest developments and techniques in this industry so as to be able to ensure our students are equipped with the most up-to-date and accurate information. 




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