About Us

Emergencies First Aid & Rescue (EFAR) is a private limited company founded by James Teo and Doris Ching in 2002 with the aim of enhancing the medical knowledge and skills of first responders and the public via provision of first aid training.

In 2008, it delved into the provision of ambulance services – Although initially it was conceived as a means for enhanced training, the ambulance arm was operationalised to provide MTS and EAS services to the public in 2019.

Our Services

Emergencies First Aid & Rescue Pte. Ltd. currently provides trained and licensed medical personnel for medical transport, events and work sites and also trainers for first aid courses.

What We Are Selling

Do you need first aid supplies for your home or office? From alcohol swabs to bandages, instant ice pack to SAM splints and First Aid Sling bags to foldable stretchers, we’ve got you covered. Emergencies First Aid & Rescue Pte Ltd envisioned to provide a convenient way for you and your organisation to get whatever you need at one place! We stock up a comprehensive list of first aid supplies and healthcare equipments at a competitive price which you could buy them at our training centre when you attend our training. We also provide free delivery service for order above $150 ( exclusive of GST ).

Get In Touch With Us

Questions? Email us at info@emergencies.com.sg and we will reply you as soon as we can.